The Mine of Origin Mark and the supporting retail program provides you – as a Select Diamantaire – with compelling and differentiated marketing materials that support your efforts to secure consistent retail accounts, and maintain or potentially increase margins.
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L&N Diamonds is proud to be associated with Rio Tinto’s Mine of Origin program.

This unique program provides a tracking system to trace a Rio Tinto diamond from its Diavik diamond mine in Canada, all the way through the supply chain to the retailer. This system, along with other assurances around the quality and integrity of a Diavik diamond, creates a special relationship between the miner, the manufacturer, the retailer and the final consumer.

Accompanied by a Mine of Origin Mark and a range of compelling marketing material, Rio Tinto’s Mine of Origin program provides a competitive advantage to retailers who understand the value of consumer confidence in an ever increasing competitive environment.

This section will provide you with an overview of the key elements of the Mine of Origin program and how you can be part of this initiative. For additional information please contact:

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L&N Diamonds and Rio Tinto Diamonds